AlphaGameBot is yet another Discord bot. It was made in and designed to be a free bot for people to have fun with. I am not a fan of people making mostly paid Discord bots, and advertising them to be “free” while having most commands locked behind a paywall.

The FAQ can be found here!


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Description Join link Comment
Invite as admin Recommended, but not required.
Only permissions
it needs
Invite the bot! You may have to change permissions yourself, as this bot is constantly evolving!

If you are a server admin…

Hi, fellow server admin! I wanted to say that if you are getting spammed by requests from AlphaGameBot (User agent is usually: AlphaGameBot/(version); (; python-requests/2.31.0; curl/8.4.0;), I’m sorry for this bug. I try to keep my bot from irresponsibly spamming servers, but sometimes I make mistakes. If you have a problem with the bot, please do not block it; rather, please send me an email at, so I can fix this in AlphaGameBot. Thanks!

You can also create a GitHub issue.

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