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What is this page?

For any normal user, this page is useless. This page is ONLY for the server administrators of the (many) API (Application Programming Interface)s that AlphaGameBot uses. This page is linked to in the bot’s User Agent String, so that is most likely how you got to this page. Anyway, if you are a normal user, you can leave now, unless you want to read this, so, read on, I guess…

Message for Server Administrators

Hey, fellow server admin. If you are at this page, most likely it is because AlphaGameBot is spamming your APIs, or something else. First of all, I want to say sorry about that. I have tried to make AlphaGameBot as API-friendly as possible. Although, of course, I am human, so I will, of course, make mistakes. Pointing these problems out to me can actually help with other similar problems with the bot’s interactions with other APIs, and this could be a symptom of a bigger problem.

For reporting the bug, you have 2 options:

Or, if you feel like you can do it better, feel free to make a pull request! The GitHub repository is here!

Bot User Agent

As it is basic API usage etiquette, the bot does have it’s own user agent. The bot’s user agent is usually AlphaGameBot/(version) (; python-requests/(version); curl/8.4.0

Note: There might be slight variations to this user agent, such as (development edition) for development builds.

Questions and Concerns

If you have any questions, concerns, deepest darkest secrets, you can email me at

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