Physics of Sports Video

Ah, the day that we finished our Rube Goldberg unit, WE ARE BACK FOR MORE! Now in the field of video editing, we have made a video for the San Marin Basketball team.

Other team members (and their websites)

They should have their opinions on their websites.

The Task

Our task was to make a video detailing the physics behind the sport that we chose. We decided to do basketball hoops. (I personally think that that was not a good idea, as I did not know anything about basketball or basketball hoops. I watch football! As I put it in the video,

I guess that I can shoot a hoop given a team that is falling asleep, passing me the ball, and the clock is waiting for the heat death of the universe! So, I DO BELIEVE THAT I AM FULY QUALIFIED TO EXPLAIN THIS.

Damien Boisvert

The Process

At the start, I did not have high hopes. I knew more about football, and basketball was foreign to me. What I ended up doing was recording slow motion videos of

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