Outdoor Furniture Design


Well, folks, we have now completed yet another project! What project, you ask? (well you could have just looked at the title, but oh well) the Outdoor Furniture Design project!
In this unit, we designed bits of furniture to place around the San Marin Campus. This project involved loads of planning, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), and so much more, so hold onto your butts!

Getting Started

Getting Started, we were wondering what to make. We knew from the start that we wanted to make something unique. Something that people would look and be like, “Damn, that looks pretty cool!”. Luckily, Mr. Williams brought us outside, and we noticed a chair with a aluminum roof (to shield from sun), and we took insperation from that… At that moment, we thought “That’s what were gonna do!”. We planned and decided on a bench with a aluminum roof, but with some tables. I KNOW, GIVE US A BIG HAND, SO ORIGINAL.


We made the first prototype in CAD, but it was not the 3D modeling that I was used to–I use Sketchup, normally. However, I was not able to use it because of the fact that we had to have each individual wooden beam in our 3D model. If I were to use sketchup, that would have taken me the longer part of forever (If it were possible in the first place), so I had to learn and use a CAD software called Tinkercad. Tinkercad was, well, difficult to learn, as it was so very different from Sketchup. One thing that really threw me off was that everything in Tinkercad is it’s own shape. These shapes can be grouped, but everything must be it’s own independant object, unlike Sketchup. Anyway, rant over.

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