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High Dominance

I got a score of 89 for dominance. Being high D means that, when I go into a team, I want to be the leader of the team.

High D's tend to be competitive, decisive, and determined.

High Influencing

I got a score of 84 for influencing. This means that I enjoy working with people. When I do a project, I get it done via people.

Low Steadiness

I got a score of 18 for steadiness. This means that I like change. I like it when I wake up, and everything is different from the day before. I am not a routines person, and I prefer to go with the flow.

Low Compliance

I got a score of 14 for compliance. This means that I will try to do my plan, rather than someone else’s. Othen in a group project, I am the one giving the orders mostly, rather than getting ordered.

DISC score graph

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Here are some of my Indigo skills


When I present, I have a tendancy to make the people excited and/or entertained, and also advertise on top of that. I enjoy public speaking, especially if it a topic that I am passionate about. (High D and High I)


I love working with people, and persuasion is important in that I have to move people into my way of thinking so that we can do the best job possible. (High I with High D)


This comes along with high D. I enjoy managing what other people do in a project so that everyone can do what they are good at. (High D)

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