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3D-Printing Homeless Houses

And with that, the first project done of 2024 is done! In this project, we decided on a world problem, being homelessness, hunger, political unrest?, and found a solution on what we were going to do, and present it! We chose homelessness, because…well… Look at San Francisco right now! We used our Damien&Flint(tm) Thinking Caps Version 2 (patent pending) and decided to use concrete 3d printing to make them! This idea was heavily inspired by JerryRigEverything’s video “I 3D Printed Printed a 6,000 Pound Statue of Myself” where he used a huge 3d printer in order to send his friend, “What’s Inside?” a 6,000 pound statue of himself, because that’s what you do, right?

When we started

When we started this project, we decided to make a prototype made of wood. We did this at a 1:4 scale (i.e, 1 foot in the prototype equals 4 feet in the real world). This made our job one million times easier as we only had to build 1’ by 1’4” for the prototype.)

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