What is it?

KonamiRickroll is a small JavaScript file that will allow you to easily add a secret rickroll to your website! The script is very plug-and-play, especially for simple websites. The script will replace the website with a rickroll when the “Konami Code” is entered.

The Konami Code

The Konami Code, also called the Contra Code or 30 Lives code is a cheat-code found in many Konami video games on the NES.

The code is as follows: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGhT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A

Try it for yourself!

KonamiRickroll works on alphagame.dev, so you can try it for yourself here. If you want to embed it in your website, here is a HTML snippet for you!

Minified version (loads faster)

<script src="https://alphagame.dev/assets/js/konamirickroll/konamirickroll.min.js"></script>

Full version (Human-readable code)

<script src="https://alphagame.dev/assets/js/konamirickroll/konamirickroll.js"></script>


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