My friend Holden (CombineSoldier14) REALLY helped with this--Check out his blog post here!

DISC and MBTI are quite similar, and trying to solve the same problem: Putting all 8 billion people’s personalities in something we can share. MBTI does this via 4-letter codes, but DISC takes a different approach… Here is how it works:

How does DISC work?

DISC uses numerical values for all four letters:

DISC works similarly to MBTI, with people not giving their actual numbers, rather, we say “High D”, “Low S”, etc. For the record, “High” means anything over 60, “Low” means anything under 40, and “Medium” means anything over 40 but under 60.

How does MBTI work?

MBTI uses two possible values for each letter in your MBTI type. It works like this:

Slap all of those together and you get your MBTI type. For example, mine is ENTP because of the traits Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Prospecting.

Note: That’s a VERY high-level description of MBTI - Check this article for more information!

How can we convert them?

MBTI and DISC share lots of key similarities, yes, but they also share many differences that must be smoothed out when converting.

Let’s get converting!

Introverted or Extraverted

This one is very easy. Being Introverted (I), or Extraverted (E), can be determined using your Influencing score. This connection is put in your Indigo Report, so this is undeniable.

Intuitive or Sensing

This can be determined based on your Compliance score. This is difficult, but it’s said that High C’s are very observant, and quite analytical.

Thinking or Feeling

This can be debatable, but we think that High D is Thinking, and low D is feeling. This can sound a bit far-fetched so hear me out– Low D people tend to be more empathetic and emotion. This makes High D people Thinkers.

There ya go! We now have a system to convert MBTI to DISC! I will also include a converter that can be found here! Have fun and start converting!


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