As the great philosopher Sonic The Hedgehog once said, "Oh, yeah! This is happening!"

MattKC, LEGO Island decomp #1

I've always been interested in YouTube. Starting in STINKING 2017, before COVID, the dawn of "modern?" times. Let's be honest, it sucked so much, that even though the most cringe was private, I almost died looking at it. I recently thought that I would start doing YouTube, and do cool stuff and not almost kill my future self, which I have miraculously managed to not do with this blog. (yet). Wish I knew that in 2017 and 2019! Announcements are good. I know that I will do nerd stuff there, but I am not sure yet. Ideas are MORE than welcome! I'm thinking programming and maybe some gaming. I just got a green screen for this-- that'll be fun!

There are no videos, but I am working on some! :-)


P.S. Links are now on the home page, and the Navbar on most (if not all) pages. Check me out HERE.

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