The data behind Minecraft servers!


I created an "extension" for my Discord bot, that constantly (~5 minutes) pings Minecraft servers, and logs their response containing:

After quite some time, I even got it working with Hypixel, which was very difficult. After it running for about 2 - 3 weeks, I can say that it works perfectly / hasn't crashed yet. Here is some data that it has accumulated by now. The goal for this is to have a set of data, available on my Discord bot, and also data to answer questions like "When is Hypixel most active?", which, in the 5 hours it is active, the data is:

32181hypixel.net2023-09-04 10:53:402023-09-0410:53:40139909241
Most active Hypixel time thus far (the last value is just a boolean for if the server is on, i.e. responded to the requests)

Every 5 minutes, the container goes through another table containing the IPs of all servers I want to track. Currently I am tracking:

All data that I have gotten thus far is HERE, in CSV format. (This file comes at about 1.9 MB)

See ya later!

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