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Will AlphaGameBot ever be a paid bot?

No. AlphaGameBot is hosted in my house on my server, Hubby. If I ever need to, it will be donation based.

What did you write AlphaGameBot in?

I wrote it in, or to be more specific, py-cord (learn more). I chose it because it felt like the best choice, because I am familiar with Python, and py-cord is compatible with code, as a drop-in replacement!

When did you start working on AlphaGameBot?

I think I started in early December or late November of 2024. I don’t know the exact date, as I only started using it with Git later on (December 22, 2024). The bot says it was made in 2022, but it was not AlphaGameBot at that point, it was a small app I made called “Chat Chat” (it sucked)

Are you still working on AlphaGameBot?

Hell yeah! I am working on AlphaGameBot with all the time I can (which sadly is not much, I’m a high-school student), but YOU can contrbute on its GitHub page

Will AlphaGameBot always be open-source?

Yes. I am a strong supporter of open-source software, and I love to be having such a large application open-sourced. There are not many open-source public discord bots out there, and it’s my job to fix that!

Can I contribute to AlphaGameBot?

Yes. Feel free to make a pull request to the AlphaGameBot GitHub repository! Please note that all contributions must be:

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